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Neighbours spoilers: Which Ramsay Street resident is harassing Imogen Willis?

Neighbours, Imogen Willis

In the aftermath of the severed pigs head incident, it's not long before the culprit is unmasked! But who is it, and will Imogen report them to the police?

Imogen Willis is freaked out after finding a box containing a severed pig's head left on her car!

Shaken by the targeted threat, and realising she has become Public Enemy No.1 for agreeing to represent Finn Kelly, Imogen turns to her mum Terese for guidance, wondering if she has done the right thing. Should she drop Finn as a client?

Meanwhile, Finn's brother Shaun Watkins thinks Finn should consider taking on another lawyer, someone who will allow Finn to change his plea to not guilty.

However, it looks like Finn has made up his mind and is prepared to face the wrath of the community and take responsibility for what he has done. Will he keep Imogen on as his lawyer and plead guilty to the charges against him?

Elsewhere, it's not long before the guilty culprit behind the severed pig's head comes clean and confesses to their crime! But who is it, and will Imogen report them to the police?

And, still in a spin over her job interview disaster, there's another shock in store for Elly Conway!

Suffering from dizzy spells and feeling overwhelmed, Elly goes for a medical check-up and makes a SHOCK discovery...

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5