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Neighbours spoilers: Will thief Amy Williams be caught stealing?

Neighbours, Zoe Cramond, amy williams plays Amy Williams

Light-fingered lady Amy Williams decides to steal again. But will she be caught-in-the-act by friend and neighbour Steph?

Has good girl Amy gone bad? After stealing a necklace it looks like Amy is ready to steal again! Amy admits to new gal pal Chloe that stealing gave her a rush and made her feel good again, after being down-in-the-dumps about her teenage son Jimmy leaving Erinsborough for a new life in New York with his dad Liam.

But when light-fingered Amy prepares to strike again, this time closer to home, will she be caught in the act by friend and neighbour Steph?

Meanwhile, the relationship between Elly and her sister Bea is still rocky. Elly really wants them to leave the past behind and get things back on track. So she decides to visit Bea at the apartment she is staying at. But when Elly arrives at the apartment, will she finally come face-to-face with Bea's boyfriend Finn/Patrick?

Catch Neighbours from Monday 4th June at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5