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New boy Fergal causes trouble at Waterloo Road

(Image credit: BBC/Shed Productions (WR) Ltd/Alan Peebles)

It's new pupil Fergal's first day at the school, and his introduction to life at Waterloo Road doesn't get off to a smooth start. He very quickly gets in with the wrong crowd, with Barry offering drugs to him to sell.

Fergal accepts, and targets Harley as his first customer. Tired of everyone thinking of him as a kid, Harley decides to buy some from the new student. It leads to disastrous consequences, as Harley starts acting strangely and becoming agitated. He then goes up onto the roof of the school and slips, leaving him dangling on the edge. However, he's very swiftly rescued by Audrey's friend Ndale, who is hailed as a hero.

Meanwhile, Grantly and Maggie are facing up to the reality that he will imminently need a kidney transplant. Maggie is buoyant about his prospects, and wastes no time in putting herself forward as a donor. However, Grantly later breaks the news to her that she is not a match and the pair are devastated.

Then, Lorraine has some shocking news for Michael. During the holidays, she's appointed Nikki as new deputy head of the school. He's livid that he wasn't consulted about her promotion, but Lorraine simply tells him that Waterloo Road is hers and she can do what she likes.