Nicola's shock diagnosis

Nicola’s got an appointment with her doctor and she’s slightly nervous about it. Jimmy insists on going with her and he’s in a bit of a flap, too! Nicola’s completely gobsmacked by what the doctor tells her and as she struggles to take in the news she’s devastated by what this means for the future. Back at home, she’s so distraught that she can’t bring herself to reveal the truth to her sister Bernice. But what’s the diagnosis?

Moira tries to make small talk with Emma she just gets a frosty response. Obviously, Emma’s in no mood for being pals with the woman who slept with her hubby all those years ago! Moira, however, persists and suggests to Emma that they go for a drink and try to put their differences behind them. Later, Moira braces herself when Emma arrives for a drink and a chat…

Elsewhere in the village, Belle plans an anniversary party for Zak and Lisa, but feels a bit weary because she’s still getting used to her medication, and Chrssie’s grateful when Robert offers to have a word with Lachlan.