George Clarke's Old House, New Home – C4

George Clarke's Old House, New Home
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Architect George Clarke is back to turn two very different properties into dream living spaces in Old House, New Home on C4

NHS theatre nurse Hannah and her two children live in a characterful former Edwardian worker’s cottage.

But it’s tiny – only half the size of a squash court – meaning Hannah sleeps in the living room while the kids share the bedroom upstairs.

George Clarke’s mission is to make this pint-sized property feel bigger than it actually is and give hard-working Hannah a luxurious master bedroom.

George Clarke's Old House New Homes

Can George give Hannah the space she so badly needs?

The second property in need of a makeover is a four-bedroomed detached house that was previously owned by a Sicilian ice-cream manufacturer, who stopped himself feeling homesick by decorating with Roman columns and marble-effect tiles.

The new owners want a grown-up living room and office, but the budget is tight so George needs to keep an ice-cool head to bring this house up to date.

TV Times rating: ****