Is Ollie Valentine really ready to move on?

ollie mourns tara in holby city
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The medic finds himself plagued by memories of his late wife Tara…

Guy Self was swiftly uninvited to daughter Zosia's upcoming wedding when he suggested she was afraid she'd always feel second best to Ollie Valentine’s first wife Tara, who died four years ago of a brain tumour. This week, though, Ollie questions if he's really ready to marry again.

Ollie's more than a little wary when neurosurgeon and future father-in-law Guy (John Michie) asks for his help with Alison, a patient with a tumour, whose treatment options are put in the hands of her husband.

As they treat Alison, it's obvious that the case has brought back painful memories for Guy, who's wife – Zosia's mum – died of cancer. And it proves challenging for Ollie who, despite seemingly being head over heels in love with Zosia (Camilla Arfwedson), is clearly still tormented by his late wife's death.

When Guy's pitch for his latest research project strikes a little too close to the bone, Ollie is forced to question whether he can truly commit to Zosia. Can Zosia ever replace Tara as the love of Ollie's life?

Meanwhile, Sacha has a case that's very close to home when the Rabbi from his synagogue is admitted, and soon diagnosed with bowel cancer. Sacha refuses to believe there's a God when bad things happen to good people. Can Rabbi Stein help Sacha reconnect with his faith?

Also, as recently reunited couple Matteo and Nina return from a trip to Verona, Damon and Donna want all the gossip about their romantic weekend away. But have Matteo and Nina been able to pick up where they left off?

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