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Paul begs Steph for help

Steph visits Paul in prison where he asks her to track Cecilia down and win a confession. But Steph soon learns that Cecilia has an alibi and plans to deny any involvement with Paul at all. Paul begs Steph to put the motel up for his bail – so he can be free to find Cecilia himself and clear his name.

After talking to Lauren, Ned's honest about the mistakes he's made – and Brad realises just how badly his eldest son has struggled without a strong male presence in his life. However, Pam refuses to forgive Ned as they prepare to say goodbye to Josh.

When Brad falters while delivering his eulogy, Terese steps up to support him. But when Paul enters to pay his respects, Terese attacks him. Paul pleads with her to believe that he would never hurt her – but he realises he has no place here and leaves as Terese collapses in Brad's arms. Paige, Piper and Imogen are gutted – their chance to find some kind of closure has been shattered.