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Phil coughs up blood!

In the second of tonight's episodes, Honey and Billy celebrate their engagement in The Vic with a party. Initially refusing to attend, Phil eventually turns up in a drunken state. After causing uproar by interrupting Honey's speech, things take a serious turn when Phil starts coughing up blood. As the ambulance arrives, a stunned Sharon walks in. The family go with Phil to hospital where they find out that unless Phil stops drinking and has a liver transplant, he'll die.

Mick doesn't know what to do about Whitney after her attempted kiss. Realising he needs to be honest, he tells Linda. A furious Linda agrees to keep quiet for Lee's sake, although she can't bite her tongue. Taking Whitney for lunch to confront her, Linda begs her not to give up on Lee, as well as warning her to stay away from Mick. Whitney agrees, but later she struggles to keep her eyes off Mick.

Shabnam is still determined to help Stacey. A concerned Kush convinces Shabnam to take a rest. Opening up about her concerns, Shabnam is weary as Kush insists that they can make it through. Meanwhile, Nancy is having doubts about her new business venture with Tamwar, but he finds a venue - the launderette.

Also, Jane struggles to be away from Bobby.