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Phil goes on the rampage in a digger!

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Sharon is horrified when she walks in to find Ben trying to suffocate Phil and pulls Ben off. Realising how distressed Ben is, Sharon comforts him. Furious with Ben's actions, Phil tells Sharon and Ben to get out. Standing her ground, Sharon insists that Phil leave instead. Out in the Square, Phil loses the plot, smashing up the Arches. He goes one step further at the car lot, getting into a digger and destroying the car lot office. As the horrified residents look on, Jay turns up and claims that Linzi was inside the office! Just when everyone thinks that Phil has killed Linzi, she turns up.

Ben has gone missing following the altercation with Phil. Full of guilt over her deception, Abi comes to blows with Babe. Furious, a vindictive Babe threatens to tell all about Abi's fake pregnancy. Meanwhile, Shirley manages to track Ben down to McKlunky's. Horrified by Ben's actions, Shirley reminds him about Heather and his past, telling him that Phil is already being punished. Grateful for Shirley's words, Ben tracks down Phil only to find the destroyed car lot office and a distraught Phil... Louise was inside.

Tamwar attempts to reunite Nancy with her family, telling Linda everything that happened. Worried about her daughter, Linda talks to Mick, asking him to make things up with Nancy. When Mick can't let go of the fact that Ollie seems to have changed, they argue, prompting Mick to blurt out that he'll never be able to forgive Nancy.