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Alan Sugar and PIers Morgan in Piers Morgan's Life Stories

In Piers Morgan's Life Stories, will Lord Sugar say those immortal words to Piers (again) as the two old sparring partners square off?

On Piers Morgan's Life Stories this week, the seasoned interviewer might struggle to work the charm on his latest subject.

Ever since Alan Sugar fired Piers Morgan on Comic Relief Does the Apprentice back in 2007, relations have been strained between the two men, who enjoy trading insults on Twitter.

So when he has the straight-talking business tycoon in the hot seat, don’t be surprised if Piers tries to get his own back!

"I know he’s going to come at me like a steam train," Piers told TV Times. "And I certainly won’t be able to get away with any digs without him giving me 10 back!"

The guests in the current run have all come from humble origins, with Lord Sugar’s the greatest rags-to-riches story of the lot.

Piers Morgan's Life Stores guest Lord Sugar

You're hired: Self-made man Alan Sugar

"This guy came from a very working-class background," says Piers, with obvious admiration. "With zero money and a poor education. He worked his way up to become one of our most respected businesspeople."

So we’ll be hearing plenty about his upbringing in London’s East End, his business career and his turbulent time as majority shareholder and chairman of Tottenham Hotspur. Piers is a fan of rivals Arsenal…

TV Times rating: ****

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