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Piper and Tyler agree to a secret relationship

Tyler Brennan and Piper Willis in Neighbours

PIper realises her parents won't allow her to see Tyler

Piper’s thrilled when Brad agrees to talk about her relationship with Tyler, on the proviso that Terese is involved. Knowing that Terese won’t be up for that kind of talk, Piper tells Tyler a white lie about Brad, and suggests the two embark on a secret relationship until Piper can convince her mother. Meanwhile, Brad and Terese find out about Piper’s scheming, and vow to never agree to such a relationship.

Excited to read her first published article, Madison is floored to see Paul’s changes – Mark, Terese, Sheila and Brad’s profiles have been edited into highly personal and professional attacks. She confronts Paul, who admits it’s payback to those who falsely imprisoned him, and despite regretting the damage to his relationship with his niece, Paul feels vindicated.

Steph confronts Paul about the article, but he’s evasive and turns the conversation around to Steph and Mark’s unsustainable relationship. He points out Steph should be focusing on Charlie’s needs, not her own, but Steph’s determined not to let Paul manipulate her or cause tension between her and Mark any more.