Porsche is 21... again!

It's Porsche's birthday and while the McQueens celebrate with a Full English breakfast, Pete cosies up to Cleo. Mercedes gets flirty with Lockie and Cleo's relieved when Porsche bans Reenie and Pete from her party. However, when Pete promises to pay for all the food and drink if Porsche lets him and Reenie go to celebrate their engagement, she reluctantly agrees to keep the peace. Delighted that his plan to get closer to Cleo is working, Pete upgrades the girls' spa day, but lies to them that Cleo can't go. Cleo returns home and Pete tells her everyone has left without her and she finds herself left alone with him. Cleo panics when Pete puts his hand on her thigh while they're watching TV. She runs to her room to call Harry, but Pete follows her… she's trapped!

Meanwhile, Scott continues to flirt outrageously with Ste, and he's delighted when he's asked to be Hannah's godfather. Sinead keeps pushing Scott towards Harry, unaware Harry is lusting after Ste. Sinead has a plan to get Scott and Harry alone together and locks them in a Portaloo at the party – but it's actually Ste she's locked Harry in with!

Mercedes tells Joe she's got a scan tomorrow. Joe hasn't yet told Mercedes that he might be in his wheelchair for years but, when Lindsey lets something slip about Joe’s prognosis, Mercedes grows suspicious and decides to confront him. Shocked by the truth and Joe's insults about having a baby with a McQueen, Mercedes tells him she'll bring up the baby on her own!

Also, Grace, Trevor, Dylan and Curtis try to be a proper family but Dylan's court case is looming. Nico's shocked when she finds out about her boyfriend's drug dealing charges and, when she bad-mouths Trevor, Dylan breaks up with her.


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