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Pure – C4

PURE shows Charly Clive as Marnie
(Image credit: Rory Mulvey)

Meet Marnie, a woman who suffers with an embarrassing affliction in Channel 4's racy new comedy, Pure, starring Charly Clive

Meet a woman with a one-track mind in C4's racy new comedy, Pure

Charly Clive (pictured) makes her TV debut in this comedy drama playing Marnie, a young woman who’s tortured by ‘Pure O’ – a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder that leaves her mind flooded with unwanted sexual thoughts.

The subject of mental illness always needs to be handled with care, yet this sharp and witty comedy drama walks the line between those two genres superbly.

PURE comedy-drama starring Charly Clive

Marnie has an embarrassing affliction

As you might expect, there’s no shortage of fruity language or sexual content – most of which springs from Marnie’s subconscious.

The six-part series, adapted from Rose Cartwright’s acclaimed book, Pure, also stars Skins actor Joe Cole.

Fans of hit series Fleabag may well feel at home here.

TV Times rating: *****