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Paul Nicholas, Sheila Ferguson, Wayne Sleep and Jan Leeming embark on an adventure in Buenos Aires, Argentina as The Real Marigold on Tour continues

Paul Nicholas, Sheila Ferguson, Wayne Sleep and Jan Leeming embark on an adventure in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires as The Real Marigold on Tour continues

After the series kicked off in Russia last week, this week’s Marigolders are unpacking their cases in Argentina.

Paul Nicholas, Sheila Ferguson, Jan Leeming and Wayne Sleep team up in Buenos Aires and immerse themselves in the nation’s favourite dance: tango.

Jan is delighted when a dashing Argentinian entices her on to the dance floor at a late-night club!

Meanwhile, other activities on the itinerary include a visit to the palace and former home of Eva Perón, a drama class with a difference and even a spot of life drawing with a nude male model, much to Wayne’s obvious delight.

TV Times rating: ****

Real Marigold - Paul Nicholas

Marigolder Paul in Argentina

Here, in an exclusive interview with TV Times, Paul, 74, tells us all about his latest adventure…

What were your first impressions of Argentina?

I was struck by how fashionable Buenos Aires is. It’s very European, like a cross between Paris and London – it’s got big tree-lined boulevards and all the brands and shops. But the people are completely different – so warm and expressive. And, of course, dance is such a big part of their culture.

You had a go at tango, didn’t you?

Yes, we went to a special event in a club, where I danced with Wayne. The tango was originally a dance for two men, and while we were there, I got asked to dance by a couple of men. I didn’t like to refuse! I wasn’t sure who was supposed to lead, them or me, but they seemed to know where they were going.

How did you get on with your fellow Marigolders?

I knew Sheila and Wayne beforehand but I’d never met Jan. She was nice, a very attractive woman, poised and very together, and she has a youthful quality about her. Jan went on a date with an Argentinian man while we were there and it was lovely to see someone in their late 70s enjoy getting dressed up and being flirtatious.

What was the highlight for you?

I loved going to Casa Rosada, where Eva Perón made her famous speech from the balcony. I once produced the musical Evita, so to be standing there with the song Don’t Cry for Me Argentina running through my head and see where it had all happened was wonderful.

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