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Rescue: River Deep, Mountain High – ITV

Rescue: River Deep, Mountain High

ITV’s new documentary series Rescue: River Deep, Mountain High shines the spotlight on the rescue services across Britain

The title of ITV's new documentary series, Rescue: River Deep, Mountain High, says everything about this dramatic documentary but does not do justice to the heroism of the Coast Guard, Mountain Rescue, air ambulance and other volunteer rescue teams who risk their own lives to save others.

In the Peak District, it takes 20 men and women to get a climber with head injuries 75ft up a sheer cliff-face to an air ambulance.

Rescue: River Deep, Mountain High

The work of Kerry Mountain Rescue is featured in ITV’s Rescue: River Deep, Mountain High

Meanwhile, in the mountains of County Kerry, the rescue team have to scale the appropriately named Devil’s Ladder in search of an American couple lost in a hurricane force wind and torrential rain and get them back down again in the dark.

With aerial footage and go-pro cameras, we get a real feel for the conditions these volunteers have to face on a daily basis.

This will not be shown in Scotland or Wales.

TV Times rating: *****