Ric is in the dock over dead patient in Holby City. Donna to give evidence!

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Will Donna’s evidence jeopardise his career?

It's a big day for veteran Holby surgeon Ric Griffin – a coroner's inquest is being held following the recent death of patient Elaine Warren, who died of blood poisoning while in his care.

As the nurse on duty that day, Donna's written a statement and is due to give evidence at the hearing that afternoon. Donna panics, though, when medic Morven reads Elaine's case notes and asks whether Ric prescribed potentially life-saving blood-thinning drugs, as there's no mention of it.

At the inquest, the coroner quizzes Ric about whether he prescribed the drugs. Ric's certain he asked Donna to order them but, when he confronts her later, she's adamant he didn't. Both Donna and Ric insist they never make mistakes – will Donna's testimony put Ric's job on the line?

Meanwhile, disillusioned Dominic is jealous of Fredrik's innovative research proposal for the Junior Doctor Prize and struggles to find a case study of his own.  When an enigmatic patient with a mystery illness turns up on Keller, Dom believes he’s found a way to reignite his chances. But is Dom invested for the wrong reasons? Or will this patient renew his love of medicine?

Also, Jac's dismayed when Amira returns to Darwin to ease a nursing staff shortage. When Fletch insists Amira's trying her best and refuses to fire her, Jac resorts to desperate measures to get what she wants. But is Jac's anger really about Amira or something deeper?

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