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Riss family Rich House, Poor House

Channel 5’s life-swap series Rich House, Poor House returns with two families from Doncaster, who despite only living a few miles apart, are worlds away in their lifestyles

Channel 5's life-swap series Rich House, Poor House is back, starting off with two families from Doncaster.

The Nunns live in a luxury six-bedroom house, complete with car previously owned by Kylie Minogue no less, thanks to wife Terri-Ann’s hugely successful diet business.

She is a workaholic, and even had to be told to get off her phone when she was giving birth.

The Rosses and their five kids (pictured above) squeeze into a tiny three-bedroom council house.

Mick earns £8.50 an hour as an accident repair driver, while Anne is a stay-at-home mum.

Nunns Rich House, Poor House

The Nunns family give up their lavish lifestyle in Channel 5’s Rich House, Poor House

As they swap lifestyles for a week, Terri-Ann is not fazed when she has to do all the housework and live on a shoestring, as it wasn't so long ago that she was living in a house similar to this, with a similar lifestyle.

Anne, meanwhile, can't believe her luck when she discovers she has a cleaner for the week, and has enough money to eat out and to let the kids go mad in the local toy warehouse.

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But it’s a revelation for both of the wives, as they both realise they've got their work/life balance all wrong.

And when Anne learns the tragic reason behind Terri-Ann's drive and ambition, it gives her food for thought about what she wants in her own life.

Thought-provoking, heart-warming and entertaining in equal measures.

TV Times rating: ****