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Rick Stein’s Secret France – BBC2

Rick Stein’s Secret France
(Image credit: BBC/Denham Productions/Arezoo Fa)

In this week’s Rick Stein’s Secret France on BBC2, the chef travels to the border regions of Alsace and Jura for a cheese and wine extravaganza

On a mission to find out if French food has really lost its mojo, Rick begins his second leg of his gastronomical travels in BBC2’s Rick Stein’s Secret France in Alsace, a region that borders Germany, which heavily influences its food and architecture (for full listings, see our TV Guide).

After a lunch of smoked meats and a French version of sauerkraut, he heads to a butcher that specialises in wild animals, especially boar, so dinner is a wild boar stew made, and eaten, with lashings of red wine.

Next is another border region, this time Jura, where cheese, and more cheese, is on the menu.

Good job as it's where comté, Rick’s favourite cheese, is produced.

Rick Stein’s Secret France

Rick cooks stuffed chicken leg with comté, his favourite cheese, in this week’s Rick Stein’s Secret France on BBC2

Presumably after a long lie-down, Rick heads to Burgundy for – what else? – glorious wine.

Later, at his hideaway in Provence, Rick rustles up a simple but tasty tarte flambée, a blueberry tart, and stuffed chicken leg.


TV Times rating: ****