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Rick Stein’s Secret France – BBC2

Rick Stein’s Secret France
(Image credit: BBC/Denhams)

The celebrated chef is taking another culinary road trip, returning across the Channel, in Rick Stein’s Secret France on BBC2

In BBC2’s new six-part series Rick Stein’s Secret France, the chef heads back to France to see if the rumours about the decline of French food are true.

In this first episode in Dieppe, he finds a gem of a restaurant hidden away, and enthusiastically tucks into turbot cooked in salt (for full listings, see our TV Guide).

Rick Stein's Secret France

Rick is pleased with his mussels in Rick Stein’s Secret France on BBC2

Inspired by what he’s seen en route he cooks some beautiful dishes, starting with mussels in cider and crème fraiche.

It’s Rick at his best, meandering through beautiful countryside, chatting about history and art and, of course, eating and cooking delicious food along the way. 

TV Times rating: ****