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Ric's on the warpath after Gemma's error

(Image credit: BBC)

When an old school friend of Harry's turns up in AAU, his privileged past threatens his relationship with Gemma. Arrogant banker Gaz is admitted after an all-night drinking bender and Harry's forced to reveal he knows the patient. He also knows Gaz has been drinking heavily since the age of 14... because he was drinking with him.

As the team run tests on Gaz's liver, Gemma's not impressed when she finds out about Harry's past. Keen to get back into Gemma's good books, Harry offers to let her assist Ric in surgery. However, Gemma's son Finn needs looking after and, not wanting her to miss out on doing the surgery, Harry arranges for Finn to be brought to Holby, saying he'll look after him.

When Finn starts feeling unwell and it looks like he may have taken an ecstasy tablet from Gaz's bag, Gemma blames Harry. But as it transpires Finn's actually suffering from the highly contagious Norovirus, Ric suspends Gemma for bringing him into the ward and putting staff and patients at risk...

Meanwhile, Arthur's guilt over the car crash, which led Chantelle to be in hospital, blinds him to the fact she's afraid of going home. Hoping a day on familiar Keller ward will help Chantelle, Arthur's gutted when his worry for her safety leads him to overreact with a patient. Later, Arthur realises Chantelle's feeling vulnerable and he's delighted when she agrees to move in with him.

Also, Mo's day goes from bad to worse when the men in her life make her question her romantic choices. Things finally start to improve when she clears the air with Sacha over their mistaken kiss, that is, until Jonny discovers who 'Mr Semi' really is!