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Rita’s paedophile trauma!

(Image credit: BBC)

Rita is at her nursing best while she attends to a young woman calling herself Jane Eyre, who’s been involved in a traffic accident. But Rita’s left in shock when Jane’s boyfriend is later admitted and it turns out to be Rita’s ex-husband, Mark (Joel Beckett), who destroyed their relationship when he had a sexual relationship with one of his underage students. Shock then turns to horror when Rita discovers eighteen-year-old Jane’s real name is Fiona, and she’s the pupil former teacher, Mark had his paedophilic affair with!

Consultant Zoe Hanna recommends Rita stops treating Fiona, but she insists it’s completely fine. But the already complicated situation becomes a living nightmare when tests reveal Fiona’s pregnant with Mark’s baby! When Rita tells Fiona the pregnancy is ectopic and she needs an urgent operation to save her life, Fiona flips out and accuses Rita of trying to ruin her relationship with Mark.

Seriously ill Fiona locks herself in Connie’s office and refuses to come out unless she can talk to Rita alone. Rita relents and Fiona makes a heartbreaking confession that Mark really did take advantage of her when she was a schoolgirl. Rita manages to help Fiona accept she needs to terminate her pregnancy before it’s too late, and later Fiona dumps paedophile Mark. Rita, however, is left shaken when Mark angrily confronts her while she’s alone and blames her for turning Fiona against him.

Also this week, Mercedes spots Big Mac illicitly taking prescription painkillers and resorts to blackmail. He gives in and steals drugs for her in order to save his own skin!

Meanwhile, Iain’s baffled by paramedic partner Jez after he spots the young medic kissing a man goodbye. Iain’s left wondering, why does Jez spend the rest of the day flirting with women if he’s gay? Jez enjoys winding Iain up and later reveals he’s bi.

Elsewhere, Robyn decides to force a friendship with Dylan, who is still missing Lofty! And Ethan swaps alcohol for lemonade after another heavy night on the tiles.