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Robbie wants revenge on Grace

Robbie tells Joe and Freddie that he wants their help getting revenge on Grace, thinking she shot Phoebe. When Grace gets into her car, Robbie is waiting on the back seat. There's a struggle and Grace punches Robbie, before he locks her in the garage. Grace secretly calls Freddie and he rushes to the garage with Joe, who is forced to confess that he's the one who shot Phoebe. Robbie returns to the hospital and proposes to Phoebe - will she accept? Robbie leaves the hospital and Joe gives him their nan's eternity ring to give to Phoebe.

Meanwhile, Tegan is excited about her date with Josh at the coffee shop, but Celine swoops in and lies to Josh that Tegan is unstable. Later, at the hospital, Tegan's furious when she spies Josh giving Celine flowers as a thank you – she hits Josh with the bouquet and tells Celine they're no longer friends!