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Robert lets rip at jealous Aaron! (VIDEO)

Rebecca White, Robert Sugden, Aaron Dingle

When Aaron finds Robert with Rebecca an ugly scene erupts in Emmerdale

*First episode*

Having decided on a Vegas wedding, Aaron is chipper as he fills in Finn on the news. But Aaron’s mood darkens when Jimmy innocently lands Robert in it, telling Aaron that Robert and Rebecca have been working together all morning. After Aaron calls Robert, who then lies about his whereabouts, he confronts his fiance, storming up to Home Farm and interrupting Robert and Rebecca! Fed up with Aaron’s jealousy, Robert lets rip. Does this mean the wedding plans have hit the skids… again?

Reluctant Paddy agrees to have dinner with Chas at Tall Trees. But as Marlon, who’s arranged the whole thing, demands Paddy spruce himself up, the vet’s hasty change of clothes looks set to derail the evening…

The going is good at Mulberry. Laurel’s boosted when Brenda suggests she could host underwear parties and later the stressed-out mum is even happier to see Gabby happily entertaining Ashley. At the factory, Nicola makes waves.


Watch this clip from the episode