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Robert Preston heads to the casino hoping to win big

Robert in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Robert Preston is desperate for a bit of lady luck

Robert Preston tells Michelle that Rich has a cast iron alibi and couldn’t be the vandal. To Adam’s annoyance, Chesney accepts Robert’s £5k offer. Later,, Robert grabs some cash out of the bistro till and heads off to the casino, hoping he’ll win big…

When Leanne explains that it’s not working out at the Rovers, Steve suggests that she and Oliver move in with him so they can share child-minding duties.

Erica’s mortified when Dev and Mary park themselves at a Bistro table explaining that they’re there to offer her moral support.

Billy worries that Summer is bottling up her grief. Michelle encourages Maria to get in touch with Will. Adam warns Eva not to sign her new office job contract until he’s checked it over. Craig admits to Sophie and Chesney that he may be fired from the police force!