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Cara and Bear
(Image credit: National Geographic/Jeff Ellings)

Running Wild with Bear Grylls welcomes Cara Delevingne, who turns out to be far from your everyday supermodel

In Running Wild with Bear Grylls this week, model and actress Cara Delevingne joins Bear in the Sardinian Mountains (Sunday, 7pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

She’s pretty fearless and impresses with her physical strength as she traverses across a rope suspended 200ft up and then rappels down a mountain, landing with a smile asking to do it again.

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But what’s most remarkable about this adventure is her honesty in talking to Bear about her childhood and the challenges she faced.

Cara and Bear

A fearless Cara clearly has a head for heights

She speaks about the breakdown she had at 16 and how she’s recovered and finally discovered who she really is.

There’s also an unforgettable masterclass from Bear about how to poo in the wild, a conversation he embraces whole-heartedly, but maybe one he didn’t expect to have with a supermodel.

TV Times rating: ****