Russia with Simon Reeve

Russia with Simon Reeve
(Image credit: BBC/Craig Hastings)

Simon Reeve takes on the biggest country on the planet

Simon Reeve takes on the biggest country on the planet.

Simon begins his three-part, 4000-mile journey in the far east of this vast land.

The only people who call this freezing wilderness home are indigenous reindeer herders, who live an incredibly tough and nomadic life following their herds.

In total contrast is the town of Vladivostok, which is changing rapidly as vast amounts of money are spent to turn it into the Las Vegas of the east.

But wherever Simon and his team go they are not alone.

They are followed, stopped, questioned, held for hours and even made to leave by the police or security services. Even Simon, surely one of the most easy-going people on the planet, gets rattled by the heavy-handed intrusion into his journey.