Safe House

Safe House
(Image credit: Justin Slee)

More questions than answers as the gritty drama, Safe House, continues…

More questions than answers as the gritty drama continues…

The hunt for Julie Delaney is intensifying, yet the case is getting murkier by the minute for former detective Tom Brook (Stephen Moyer), and most of the new questions revolve around John Channing (Ashley Walters), Julie’s rather shady boyfriend.

Is there any way he could have been involved in his partner’s kidnapping, and is there more to his relationship with Julie’s daughter Dani than we first thought?

Tom barely has time to ponder these questions before facing an interrogation himself.

His girlfriend Sam is less than impressed when Tom’s despised former boss, Met Police ‘top brass’ Elizabeth Ellroy – played by the superb Dervla Kirwan – turns up out of the blue for a secret meeting.