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Shabnam has a shock for Kush

Shabnam and Kush try to move on by dismantling Zaair's cot. When Shabnam later sees Jade visiting the Carters, she has a shock announcement for Kush. Telling him she's worried about Jade staying with the Carters, she reveals she wants to take care of Jade instead. Despite Kush's refusal, a determined Shabnam approaches the social worker, insisting she wants Jade with her.

Ian is reeling from seeing his 'dead' mum but there's drama when Ian is hit by a car! After getting Ian to hospital, Jane is angry when Kathy turns up, trying to excuse where she's been. Despite Jane's warning not to disturb a fragile Ian, Kathy insists on seeing him. As Ian cries in Kathy's arms, Jane gets the doctor to take Ian for his x-ray. When Ian discharges himself, wanting answers, Jane gives Kathy a final warning never to return.

Elaine comes to blows with Babe over the Jason situation. On a mission to confront Babe for embarrassing Elaine, Linda instead finds herself backing down when she hears Babe's side of the story. After Linda encourages them to talk, Babe admits to Elaine that she didn't sleep with Jason, prompting them to make up.

Also, Mick and Linda make a date for the wedding.