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Sharif Nazir's betrayal is laid bare in Corrie

Sharif Nazir in Coronation Street

Alya feels terrible as Sharif Nazir breaks Yasmeen's heart in Corrie.

Yasmeen turns on Sharif and Sonia demanding to know how long they’ve been seeing each other. When Sharif reveals that it’s seven years, Yasmeen’s devastated and orders Sonia to leave. Guilt-ridden, will Alya reveal she knew about the affair and blackmailed Sharif?

The police reveal a phone was purchased with a credit card in Maria’s name and the abusive messages were sent from that phone. Cash withdrawals were also made in London using the credit card and it dawns on Maria that Caz must have followed her down there.

A love-struck Alex tells Roy and Cathy he’d like to invite Gemma to their wedding along with Nessa. Will Roy tell Cathy he’s happy to have a church wedding?

Telling Gail he loves her, Michael reveals his plans for them to renew their vows. Gary assures David he knows the crash was an accident.

Not wishing to be a burden, Anna tells Kevin she doesn’t love him any more.