Sharon faces up to Grant!

EastEnders Sharon Mitchell Grant Mitchell
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Sharon puts her feelings aside to try to reunite Grant Mitchell with Phil in EastEnders

Sharon dismisses Grant’s declaration of love, instead wanting him to sort things out with Phil. Grant finally faces Phil – then accuses him of helping Peggy to die. Dismayed at the brothers’ argument, Sharon begs them to resolve their differences. Instead, Grant demands his money back, prompting Phil to yell at him to get out. Worried for Phil’s health, Sharon tells Grant to wait in the Vic while she talks some sense into his brother.

Grant waits in the pub, calling Courtney to ask if he can stay with her, but she tells him to find somewhere else. Meanwhile, Sharon pleads with Phil to let Grant help, knowing that improving the brothers’ relationship is important. Sharon heads out to find Grant but he’s already left the pub as a flirtation with Belinda has led to a passionate encounter back at her flat!

Billy asks Jay to support Ben when he insists on viewing Paul’s body. When Jay tries to talk Ben down from getting revenge on Paul’s killers, Ben is shocked to see Jay’s nose is bleeding. Realising that Jay has been regularly snorting drugs, Ben is worried for him. Insisting that they only have each other for support, they agree to be there for each other.

Also, Claudette offers to deal with blackmailer Babe for Pam and Les. Andy leaves the Square after sorting things out with Ronnie, then Ronnie proposes to Jack!

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