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Can Sharon make Phil see sense?

EastEnders Phil Mitchell Sharon Mitchell
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Sharon is determined to get Phil to go through with the liver transplant in EastEnders.

Phil is frustrated when Louise and Ben refuse to speak to him after his decision not to go through with the transplant. Although Sharon tries her best to change his mind, Phil doesn’t want to talk about it. After discussing his decision with Billy, however, Phil is given food for thought. Sharon tries one last time to convince Phil to go through with the operation. Will her words have any effect?

Lauren has a new job, which is a financial help to the Beales, but not quite enough extra money to get them out of the problems they’ve been in. Trying to think round the problem, Kathy comes up with an idea...

Whitney and Lauren have a good chat about their respective relationships. Determined to make things right between her and Lee, Whitney makes plans to surprise him. Meanwhile, Kyle is offered a job abroad, and Abi, Patrick and Kathy audition for the Christmas show.