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Sid Vere keeps putting his foot in it!

Sid Vere in Doctors
(Image credit: BBC)

Sid Vere upsets Emma on the anniversary of Howard's death

It's the anniversary of Howard's death and Emma shows Sid Vere her new expensive car. He wonders if it stops her thinking about Howard, and she gets frustrated that he keeps bringing him up. Emma then gets involved with Ayesha's patients, and it gives her a new perspective. She tells Sid to take the car back; she doesn't need it to show she's coping. But when Sid gets to the dealer, he is faced with a conundrum...

Mrs Tembe talks to Jimmi about a sexism initiative that the University is implementing that she was unaware of. They need to send someone to a course next week, so Jimmi goes round the houses, and eventually manages to get Zara on board. Al, struggling with not eating sugar, is very rude to Mrs Tembe about her 'crazy schemes'.

Also, Ayesha deals with an elderly couple who have unhealthy lifestyles.