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Will Ash help Simmo with a car scam?

Ash in Home and Away

Ash realises he needs to get rid of Simmo after the thug gives him an ultimatum

Kat's world comes crashing down when Ash tells her that Simmo has evidence of their romance. Will Kat have to come clean and lose her job? Ash tells Kat he's dealt with Simmo unaware that Simmo has meddled with Billie's car. When VJ puts his 'L' plate on the car, he notices fluid on the ground. He calls Ash to give it a once over and Ash realises the brake line has been cut…

Hope's return puts Phoebe in a foul mood, especially when Hope asks for a job at Salt. Meanwhile, Justin tells Hope that she needs to tell Raffy she's a Morgan, but she refuses.

Later, Raffy starts acting distant towards to the Morgans, much to the delight of Hope. However, after a chat with Kat, Raffy isn't sure she can trust Hope. Will Raffy finally find out that she's a Morgan?