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Sonia collapses at the Fat Blasters party!

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Sonia prepares for the Fat Blasters Christmas Party, which she's invited Martin to. Feeling increasingly unwell, Sonia lies to a worried Tina she's fine. As the Fat Blasters group gather at The Vic, a guilty Sonia prepares to confess to stealing the charity money, but collapses. When the paramedics arrive, Tina reveals Sonia has had a gastric band fitted abroad. As Sonia is taken to hospital, Carol sees Martin in the doorway...

Jane feels sorry for Peter, offering to let him move in with her and Bobby in their new flat. Taking Peter to see Ian, Jane tries to get them to talk. Communication soon breaks down, with Peter storming out. Jane feels cornered into agreeing to stay with an upset Ian for a while longer. Later, after reassuring Ben that she threw the purse and wallet in the canal, Jane secretly hides them under the floorboards.

Aleks can't bring himself to ask Marta for a divorce, despite Charlie's threats. In the Square, a heartbroken Marta watches Aleks tenderly talking to Roxy, realising that Aleks lied to her. That evening, Aleks's world comes crashing down when Marta turns up at Roxy's with Ineta. Leaving their daughter with him, Marta tells Aleks that Ineta will have a better chance with him - then walks out. A furious Roxy throws out Aleks and Ineta!