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Sonia and Martin are at war!

EastEnders - Sonia Martin
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Brarnes)

Sonia and Martin clash over Bex’s living arrangements.

Sonia tries to talk to Martin about Bex’s living situation and they soon end up in a huge row about whether Bex should live with her mum or dad. After talking to Citizen’s Advice, Sonia gets the all-clear and tries to encourage Dot to let Robbie and Bex move in with them, too. After recognising that the decision is really Bex’s to make, Sonia agrees to get more involved in other ways, but takes up Martin’s suggestion that she goes to a meeting with Bex’s teacher in his place.

Louise is miserable when she is forced to pull out of the showcase because of what happened with Keegan. At school, Alexandra swoops straight in and takes Louise’s place.

Mick, Fi and Shirley are interviewing for a new barmaid at The Vic. Will Tracy get her job back or will she get booted aside for someone else? Meanwhile, Steven switches Lauren’s phone charger for one with a secret spy camera attached to it...