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Can Sonya and Toadie save their marriage?

Will couple's therapy be the solution to their problems?

Sonya and Toadie make their way to their first councilling session following their separation. Both feel nervous about what to expect out of the session and unfortunately things don't go well. Toadie takes full responsibility about why their marriage broke down, but Sonya still can't forgive him. So the therapist suggests some role play where they both see things from each other's point of view. Will this be enough to help save their marriage?

Meanwhile, Paige and Jack comes to blows concerning Steph having access to Gabe. Jack turns to Mark for support, as he believes Paige is being unreasonable. However, Mark sides with Paige and believes Steph shouldn't be around Gabe even in the presence of another adult! Meanwhile, Steph may have finally found the root of her problems. Later, Mark tells Steph that Paige wants her to stay away from Gabe. How will this affect their relationship?

Also, Amy is down in the dumps, so she turns to the church for comfort, but leaves disappointed... and with a twisted ankle. However, a handsome doctor soon comes to her rescue. Is this start of a new romance?