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Spectacular Backyard Builds

Spectacular Backyard Builds

Three British inventors compete for cash and glory in the three-part series presented by Sara Cox

Scrapheap Challenge meets Bake Off in this one-off show throwing down the gauntlet to three of the nation’s legion of backyard inventors – all they have to do is build something eye-boggling and they have only 10 weeks to do it.

Sara Cox and architect Piers Taylor are our guides and introduce the enthusiastic and borderline bonkers Nick and Carolyn, who are making a carousel that dispenses candy canes. Pete and Merv go a little bit Wallace and Gromit with an Automated Sunday Breakfast Maker. Stewart, meanwhile, is building a giant robot out of old scrap.

"He is a bit like a Womble," says Stew’s mum, Susan. We’re assuming that’s a good thing.