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Has Steph's mental illness returned?

Mark makes a discovery, which makes Steph question her state of mind...

Steph arrives to pick up her bike from the garage after a repair, only to be told it's gone. Suspecting Ellen has stolen it, she reports it to Mark, but Mark finds the missing bike repaired in the garage. When Mark tells Steph he’s found the bike in perfect condition, a fragile Steph fears for the worst. Have her psychiatric symptoms returned?

Meanwhile, Sonya and Mark make a big decision regarding their baby and decide not to tell Toadie. An uneasy Toadie spies the two in conversation from afar. Sonya's secretive behaviour and distance from him makes Toadie fear that Sonya wants to leave him for Mark.

Also, Elly comes clean about Willow's actions, and Willow’s dream is jeopardised. Dee, under threat, takes drastic action against Elly... but who will be caught in her crosshairs?