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Ste's in trouble with the law

Ste's feeling the strain when his kids ask for toys and burgers and, after having lunch at The Tugboat, he does a runner, leaving Cameron furious. Later, Ste notices Cameron stood behind a police officer when they come to arrest him for stealing food from the boat, and lunges at him, knocking the officer to the floor in the process. Ste's arrested, leaving Harry, Leah and Lucas disappointed. Meanwhile, Harry's stressed following James's offer. In the pub, James continues to move in on Harry – but when he tries to kiss him, Harry pulls away and storms out.

James and Marnie revel in the trouble they've caused at The Hutch. Marnie 'warns' Scott not to do what her friend did to get out of financial trouble - burn down the business. Meanwhile, John Paul has to pitch his and Scott's idea for the school ball to the governors on his own - but it doesn't go well. John Paul's further annoyed when Marnie tells him about Myra's claim against Tony. Later, Scott tells Marnie he's going to burn down The Hutch for the insurance pay out!

Also, Zack’s frustrated with his parents as they continue to argue and heads to the pub. Sonia finds Zack drinking cider on the jetty and asks him to have a drink with her at The Loft. But the night ends in disaster as Zack gets increasingly drunk and tries to start a fight with James!