Steven tries to help the family

(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Lauren is roped in to helping Steven and Ian pack as Jane prepares for her move to Birmingham. Pushed to her limit by Ian's rude attitude, Lauren snaps, storming off when Ian gives her a reality check. Confronting Steven, Lauren tells him that it's over between them. Trying to keep the family together, Steven visits Jane in hospital, begging her not to leave. Jane sees the sense in Steven's words, telling Ian she can't leave him and they are happily reunited.

Kim is horrified when Vincent shares the news that it's time for him to help Donna with her baby quest. As Vincent leaves, Kim tries to hide her alarm, painting on a smile. When Denise makes Kim realise that she won't be able to deal with Pearl having a half-sister, Kim rushes to Donna's to stop them but it's too late...

Paul is furious after walking in on Les dressed as Christine, horrified that Les would put his marriage at risk again. When Ben has nice things to say about Pam and Les's relationship, Paul decides to keep his discovery to himself, telling Les he'll turn a blind eye.

Also, Bex is chuffed when Shakil tells Martin that he's her boyfriend.