Summer Night - Sky Cinema Premiere

Star Ellar Coltrane relaxes
(Image credit: Instrum International)

A freewheeling comedy drama set over one summer night

Ellar Coltrane heads the cast of  freewheeling comedy drama Summer Night.

There’s a touch of American Graffiti in the film, which sees a bunch of small-town male friends go through a hot summer night of boozy partying and fumbling romantic adventures.

The movie is very indulgent towards its drifting characters, catching them poised between adolescence and adulthood, uncertain which way to jump. And so, mostly, are the women entangled in their lives.

The characters could quite easily be insufferable, but the chemistry and charm of the cast - which also includes singer Victoria Justice, Ian Nelson, Callan McAuliffe and Justin Chatwin - keep us on their side.