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Suzi Quatro on stage
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Suzi Q salutes Suzi Quatro, a rocking pocket rocket who can belt it out with the best of them

Suzi Q is a feature film devoted just to Suzi Quatro. And that might at first seem like a stretch, considering she’s a long way from her 1970s heyday of Can the Can and Devil Gate Drive.

But in fact there is plenty to say about this gutsy performer (and, now, radio DJ for the likes of BBC Radio 2) who’s been on stage since she was around seven or eight, playing drums in her dad’s jazz band, the Art Quatro Trio.

Suzi Quatro on Happy Days

Suzi makes a guest appearance on Happy Days (picture: Getty Images)

It really helps that this leather-clad pioneering female rocker is articulate and unafraid to speak her mind.

But a task force of famous names turn out to fill in the gaps anyway – from the likes of KT Tunstall, to Debbie Harry, Alice Cooper, Joan Jett and Henry Winkler (Suzi had a guest slot on his show, Happy Days).

Quite clearly, there's more to Suzi than a handful of floor-filling rocktastic pop smashes!

TV Times rating: ****

And if you're in the mood for more female-centric rock'n'roll, Joan Jett: Bad Reputation follows straight afterwards at 11pm

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