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Tanya gives birth!
Tanya gives birth! (Image credit: BBC)

Tanya is in the throes of labour and Max is forced to take advice from the midwife over the phone and deliver the baby himself. The couple are overjoyed when Tanya gives birth to a baby boy. Later, when Tanya and baby are safely in hospital, Stacey and Bradley visit and Stacey and Max agree to move on. Meanwhile, Lauren transfers the wedding video when the footage of Max and Stacey kissing flashes up... Billy is wracked with guilt when Peggy discovers that the charity box has been stolen and he returns the money to Peggy under the pretence of having a collection in the market. Later, Peggy sees Honey laden with Christmas presents and, little realising that she is returning them, insists on helping her carry them back to hide them but she sees the broken charity box hidden at the back of the wardrobe... Jack and Phil square up to each other over the pool table as Jack takes the last shot. Phil is triumphant when Jack misses and loses the bet. Ronnie is surprised to find Jack packing and she's furious when Phil admits that he was behind it. Ronnie feels torn between her family and Jack. Also, Dot takes over the nativity play from Yolande. VIDEO: Catch up with the latest EastEnders action

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