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Tegan's furious with Mariam!

Dr S'Avage catches Mariam in his office and tempts her with a bottle of whiskey, which distracts her from what she's found. Mariam passes out and, when Sienna meets Dr S'Avage, they plot to get Mariam sent back to the mental health unit. Mariam escapes from Dr S'Avage's office and bumps into Tegan for the first time since the baby swap. Tegan instantly recognises her and sees red. Mariam heads back to Dr S'Avage's office and starts printing off his records…

Later, Diane offers to take Tegan and Rose on holiday with them, but Tegan hates the idea and the mothers have a showdown.

Meanwhile, it's Simone and Louis's wedding anniversary and, when a mystery parcel arrives, Simone thinks it’s for her but it turns out to be drone parts. Louis finds himself in the doghouse when Simone confiscates the drone.

Also, Dirk discovers Cindy's debts and he and Jason team up to sell a job-lot of BBQs that have been delivered to The Emporium. Later, Jason walks past The Dog and spots a lonely Cindy. They talk and end up kissing but, unbeknown to them, Simone captures everything using the drone.