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Tragedy strikes on Casualty’s 30th anniversary

Charles Venn in Casualty's 30th celebration
Charles Venn in <a href="/casualty-home/" data-source-seowords>Casualty</a>'s 30th celebration (Image credit: BBC/Des Willie/Matthew Burlem)

Disaster hits Casualty as the medical drama celebrates it's 30 years with an explosive feature-length special!

Jacob confides in Charlie he’s planning to propose to Connie and gets two thumbs up from the Holby ED veteran, completely unaware Connie and her daughter Grace are fighting for their lives…

With Connie and Grace lying dying at the bottom of a ravine, distressed Steph has a pang of conscience and calls the emergency services. But before Steph manages to explain what’s happened, she’s run over and knocked unconscious by a speeding driver!

When Steph is brought into the ED Jacob begins to join the dots. He heads out on a search with paramedics Iain and Jez. Their efforts pay off but it’s a race to stabilise Connie and Grace at the crash scene.

Meanwhile, back at the ED, Charlie discovers the staff are throwing him a surprise 30th work anniversary party when he finds former paramedic Josh (Ian Bleasdale) hiding in cubicles. The celebrations continue over in the local pub but are cut short when news of Connie and Grace’s accident reaches the party.

Horror follows shock when the helicopter taking Grace into the ED is hit by a drone and crashes into the hospital. What follows is an unprecedented emergency with everyone’s life hanging in the balance. With Charlie at the helm the team pulls together and manages to save Connie and Grace. But as the credits roll on scenes of carnage it looks like Grace may not survive her injuries…

With guest cameos from former Casualty favourites Suzanne Packer (nurse Tess Bateman), James Redmond (nurse Abs Denham), Charles Dale (health assistant Big Mac) Ben Turner (nurse Jay Faldren), Clive Mantle (Doctor Mike Barrett) and Martina Laird (paramedic Comfort).

Pam St Clement, formerly Pat Butcher of EastEnders, also stars in a special guest role.

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