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Trevor McDonald's Indian Train Adventure – Trevor on board

One of the country's most trusted broadcasters puts his own spin on the travelogue with a journey to India in Trevor McDonald's Indian Train Adventure

Following his travelogues on the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Mississippi, Las Vegas and last year’s visit to South Africa, the former newsman embarks on yet another epic journey this week in ITV’s two-parter Trevor McDonald’s Indian Train Adventure.

Travelling in style aboard the luxurious Maharajas’ Express, the former newsman wends his way from Mumbai to New Delhi, exploring the sights, sounds and colours of a vibrant subcontinent.

"The train and the accommodation were truly out of this world," Sir Trevor told TV Times.

"The Maharajas’ Express is almost half a mile long – that’s the length of 60 London buses! – and with 23 carriages and 40 suites, it re-creates the feeling of the royal trains that were once used by India’s kings. It was incredibly opulent and I loved exploring."

In tonight’s opener, Sir Trevor examines the gap between rich and poor, visiting modern maharajas in opulent palaces and Mumbai’s shanty town, Dharavi, where he finds residents trying to escape poverty with enterprising recycling schemes.

Sir Trevor gets his picture taken

A selfie with Sir Trevor

"I wanted to show the audience the enormous difference between rich and poor," continues Trevor.

"So we see a billionaire’s house – which is one of the most expensive in the world – and then we visit nearby Dharavi, one of the biggest shanty towns in Asia. My goodness, to see the places some of those people work… It’s so claustrophobic…"

TV Times rating: ****