Trust Morecambe & Wise – GOLD

Lenny Henry on Trust Morecambe & Wise
(Image credit: Mark Johnson)

Sir Lenny Henry takes a trip down memory lane as he introduces rare footage of Eric and Ern in Trust Morecambe & Wise on GOLD

Did you ever pause when faced with a major life-decision and think: ‘What would Eric and Ernie do?’ No, us neither, but in Trust Morecambe & Wise on GOLD, Sir Lenny Henry (pictured above) suggests that the beloved duo’s sketches could hold the answers to many of life’s big questions.

Sounds much more fun than a self-help book…

Hugh Dennis and Lenny Henry Trust Morecambe & Wise

Lenny Henry talks to Hugh Dennis about the late great Eric and Ern in Trust Morecambe & Wise on GOLD

In the first of four episodes, Lenny is joined by Glenda Jackson and Hugh Dennis to explore what Eric and Ern can tell us about being cultured and sophisticated (for full listings, see our TV Guide).

Cue clips of ‘Andrew Preview’ taking issue with Eric playing ‘all the right notes… in the wrong order’, plus some of those plays ‘what Ernie wrote’.

As you’d expect from a show featuring Lenny and Morecambe and Wise, this is a real tonic. 

TV Times rating: ****