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Tutankhamun With Dan Snow – Channel 5

Tutankhamun With Dan Snow

Historian Dan Snow explores the story of Egypt’s most famous Pharaoh in Channel 5’s Tutankhamun With Dan Snow, a three-part documentary showing over consecutive nights

On a chilly November night, what better escapism than to join Dan Snow in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, as he tells the story of Tutankhamun’s life and death in Channel 5’s three part Tutankhamun With Dan Snow.

Raksha Dave helps out with an archaeologist’s point of view, while John Sergeant, in a lovely straw hat, finds out what life was like for Egyptians around 1323 BC, when the boy king died.

John Sergeant, Dan Snow and Raksha Dave in and Tutankhamun With Dan Snow

John Sergeant and Raksha Dave join Dan Snow in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings in Tutankhamun With Dan Snow

While marvelling at some of the truly stunning royal tombs, dug entirely by hand, as well as gaining access to a rare tomb excavation, we also get to see more intimate treasures such as the teenage pharaoh’s famous guyliner.

Continues tomorrow and Thursday.

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TV Times rating: ****