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Tyler and Elly help a drunk Angus

Angus in Neighbours

Angus thinks Elly has changed her mind about their relationship when she rushes to help him

Elly is alarmed by a late night call from a drunk Angus. Elly feels guilty as she hears him slurring his words and sets out to bring him home before he does something stupid. However, will Angus misinterpret Elly's intentions?

Brooke is worried that Xanthe will never leave Ramsay Street while she's still head over heels for Ben. So Brooke decides to delay the delivery of her jewellery orders to win Xanthe's trust, unaware that at the same time Ben has witnessed her receiving a shipment from her gem dealer...

Paul contacts Maxine Cowper in the hope of uncovering the purpose of the secret payments - but nothing prepares him for the shocking discovery about who Maxine really is.