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Tyler’s in trouble when Kyle collapses

Tyler and Nate find Kyle collapsed in his yard and get him to hospital. Karl's baffled about what caused the collapse until he discovers some prescriptions are missing that were used to illegally buy a strong, addictive painkiller. Susan gently questions Nate when he gets home but he covers for Tyler, denying all knowledge. However, he immediately goes to Tyler who in turn confesses to Karl. But Karl reveals he's already reported the incident to Brennan.

Josh is rocked when he hears Kyle has collapsed after taking his products. He demands that Forrest takes the entire batch off the streets and manages to dispose of Kyle’s stash of supplements before anyone else finds them. After speaking to Forrest he reluctantly agrees to keep selling to provide for his child.

The more Imogen hears about Kyle's collapse, the more convinced she is that Josh is secretly in hot water. But Josh has told her to butt out, so she focuses on Forrest instead and agrees to go on a date with him as a way to get closer.